i2Vibes is a project of Cognitive Harmony

i2Vibes endeavors to transform our approach to social media, aiming to address a fundamental flaw in our current society. In our world today, individuals often find themselves at odds with societal expectations, feeling like a square peg being forced into a round hole. The pressure to conform to society’s norms places an overwhelming burden on individuals, leading them to use social media as a means to seek validation from others rather than embracing their true selves.

We devote significant amounts of time and energy to create an idealized image on social media, conforming to the predetermined standards set by society. This process involves molding ourselves into something we are not, causing immense stress and disconnect from our authentic selves. However, it is crucial for us to pause, detach from this reality, and explore alternative perspectives.

Instead of trying to change the shape of the peg to fit into the hole, why not reshape the hole to accommodate the peg? This is the ethos behind i2Vibes—a platform that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual rather than prioritizing societal conformity. By emphasizing self-expression and self-discovery, i2Vibes encourages users to dedicate time each day to focus on themselves, a concept often neglected in our current society.

i2Vibes empowers individuals by providing a space free from the influence of societal expectations. It offers a genuine opportunity for self-expression, enabling users to authentically showcase their true selves without the pressure to conform. By embracing individuality and personal growth, i2Vibes aims to redefine the purpose of social media, allowing users to connect with others who appreciate and celebrate their true identities.

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i2vibes - iPhone App

i2vibes – iPhone App

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i2vibes – Android App